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DAYKEYLA is a brand best known for our couture one-of-a-kind fashion that is elegant, colorful, and edgy. Inspired by the curves of women, we strive to adorn them in chic and timeless silhouettes. We believe in the power and beauty of the natural feminine essence. We promote self love and positive body images. Our goal is for every woman to put on our garments, take a look in the mirror, and realize how beautiful and worthy she really is. “Let’s fall in love with ourselves ladies!”

DAYKEYLA is Fashion’s Love Story.

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Daykeyla McGee

Our Designer

Daykeyla (day – kee – lah) was a gifted young girl, who begin her artistic career at the age of five writing and illustrating short stories. After being teased harshly by other children for her size, her focus changed to fashion design. She begin illustrating dresses that she believed would make the other children accept her and boost her self esteem. By the time Daykeyla entered classes at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) in January 2007, she had binders filled with her own fashion designs and illustrations. In her studies, Daykeyla acquired important skills such as pattern-making, draping, tailoring, garment construction, and fabric surface design. After completing four years of classes, she graduated with her Bachelor’s of Fine Art Fashion Design.

In May 2011, Daykeyla moved back to Buffalo, New York unable to secure a job in her field. As a single mother to two young boys, she begin to work two low paying jobs to make ends meet. The years of being overworked became frustrating. Daykeyla was afraid of becoming another statistic and she let that fear drive her into creating her own opportunities. With a six month old on her hip and a five year old in her lap, Daykeyla established her self-titled fashion line on February 21, 2013.

Since then she has produced two fashion shows, and three collections. She has dressed Buffalo’s local celebrities such as radio personality Redd Roxx, and Bishop Darius Pridgen. Daykeyla’s high fashion couture line has even graced the runways during New York Fashion Week in 2018, where she showed her latest collection titled, “Schizo”. Her designs have been featured in Guild Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, and Fashion Week.

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